I fell in love with a lovely pigeon. that pigeon was myself! ♥ I am kept from understanding by magic ♥ I have no soul I can do what I want! ♥ to be is to have faith ♥ can I sit in the branches of the fig tree for a while? i'm not ready ♥ I guess I have to do it while I'm here ♥ 63% of all people are secretly pigeons: could it be you?

I'm nobody! who are you?

Are you – Nobody – too?

hello! welcome to the columbidae corner! can I get you some tea? make yourself comfy! You can call me Pigeon!

I am a pigeon, and a poet, and a biology student with a passion for genetics! I am not good at making websites but I am trying! I also draw pigeons! see the "pigeons" tab for more info or go to the virtual pigeon wall if you want to try your wing at it! I really like weird old books and 60's folk music (mainly phil ochs) and collecting things!

I hope you like it here! there is not much on this website yet but hopefully soon! also, I have dysgraphia! forgive me if I spell something wrong, but like, maybe tell me so I can fix it. if you want.


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